A big hunk o' love VE 02-14

A boy like me, a girl like you VE 26-08

A fool such as i VE 07-06

A fool such as i  (något snabbare) VE 12-06

A little bit of green VE 17-11

A little less conversation VE 20-11

A mess of blues VE 10-01

A thing called love VE 30-06

A world of our own VE 28-06

Adam and evil VE 29-10

After loving you VE 25-14

Ain't that lovin' you baby VE 06-06

All i needed was rain VE 29-11

All shook up VE 01-01

All that i am VE 25-02

Almost VE 32-02

Almost always true VE 27-02

Almost in love VE 28-15

Always on my mind VE 01-09

Am i ready VE 25-07

Amazing grace VE 19-07

America the beautiful VE 15-15

American trilogy VE 04-02

And i love you so VE 11-06

And the grass won't pay no mind VE 21-02

Angel VE 17-04

Any day now VE 09-14

Anyone could fall in love with you VE 29-01

Anyplace is paradise VE 04-11

Anything that's part of you VE 06-11

Anyway you want me VE 06-14

Are you lonesome tonight VE 08-06

Are you lonesome tonight -68 comeback VE 32-03

Are you sincere VE 08-03

As long as i have you VE 05-05

Ask me VE 08-04


Baby i don't care VE 05-14

Baby let's play house VE 04-03

Beach boys blues VE 20-04

Beyond the bend VE 24-02

Big boots VE 20-05


Big boss man VE 17-02

Big love, big heartache VE 26-09

Bitter they are, harder they fall VE 16-03

Blue christmas VE 14-16

Blue eyes crying in the rain VE 26-02

Blue Hawaii VE 08-08

Blue moon VE 21-01

Blue suede shoes VE 01-15

Blue suede shoes(live) VE 16-01

Blueberry hill VE 12-07

Blueberry hill/Can't stop loving you(live) VE 18-10

Bosom of Abraham VE 19-03

Bossa nova baby VE 07-03

Bridge over trouble water(live) VE 22-13

Bringin' it back VE 31-01

Burnin' love VE 02-13

By and by VE 30-011


C C rider VE 02-04

Can't help falling in love (live snabb)  VE 02-10 (original SPC-09-02)

Change of habit VE 23-12

Charro VE29-07

Cindy, Cindy VE 22-03

Clean up your own backyard VE 05-11

C'mon ev'rybody VE 17-06

Crawfish VE 32-06

Cross my heart, hope to die VE 20-07

Crying in the chapel VE 03-04


Danny boy VE 15-11

Devil in disguise VE 02-01

Didja ever VE 20-09

Dirty dirty feeling VE 24-12

Dixieland rock VE 13-06

Do not disturb VE 27-08

Do you know who i am VE 28-03

Doin' the best i can VE 13-11

Doncha think it's time VE 21-03

Don't VE 04-05

Don't ask me why VE 15-04

Don't be cruel VE 01-06

Don't cry daddy VE 01-03


Don't leave me now VE 06-03

Dont think twice, it's alright VE 31-03

Down by the riverside/When the saints go marchin' in VE 23-13

Down in the alley VE 10-08


Early mornin' rain VE 11-04

Echoes of love VE 24-06

Edge of reality VE 15-03

End theme VE 11-15


Faded love VE 23-11

Fairytales VE 22-15

Fame and fortune VE 06-12

Farther along VE 30-10

Fever VE 01-05

Find out what's happenin' VE 31-04

First time ever i saw your eyes VE 28-09

Flaming star VE 15-01

Follow that dream VE 05-10

Fool VE 25-01

Fools fall in love VE 27-01

For ol' time sake VE 22-04

For the good times VE 08-15

For the heart VE 16-04

For the millionth and the last time VE 21-04

Forget me never VE 28-12

Fountain of love VE 27-10

Frankfurt special VE 20-02

Frankie and Johnny VE 05-15

From a jack to a king VE 08-01

Fun in Acapulco VE 17-03

Funny how time slips away VE 08-05


G.I. Blues VE 05-03

Gentle on my mind VE 26-10

Girl happy VE 20-03

Girl of mine VE 31-13

Girl of my best friend VE 15-02

Girls girls girls VE 24-09

Give me the right VE 08-07

Golden coins VE 29-05

Gospel medley VE 30-01


Good luck charm VE 09-13

Good rockin' tonight VE 07-05

Good time Charlie's got the blues VE 22-06

Got a lot o' livin' to do VE 07-11

Got my mojo workin' VE 10-03

Green green grass of home VE 23-03

Guitar man VE 10-06


Happy ending VE 32-14

Hard headed woman VE 01-04

Hard knocks VE 29-14

Have i told you lately that i love you VE 17-10

Hawaiian sunset VE 29-12

Hawaiian wedding song VE 11-10

Heartbreak hotel VE 07-04

Heartbreak hotel(live) VE 13-03

Heartbreakehotel/Hound dog/All shook up VE 21-14

Heart of Rome VE 31-05

Help me make it through the night(live) VE 22-12

He'll have to go VE 28-13

Here comes Santa Claus VE 14-07

Hey Jude VE 32-05

His latest flame VE 09-05

Holly leaves and christmas trees VE 14-04

Hound dog VE 11-05

How great thou art VE 03-03

How great thou art(live) VE 18-15

How the web was woven VE 18-13

How's the world treating you VE 28-11

Hurt VE 04-01

Hurt(live) VE 18-11


I beg of you VE 07-12

I believe VE 03-02

I believe in the man in the sky VE 19-06

I can help VE 31-12

I can't stop loving you(live) VE 16-13

I don't want to be tied VE 29-02

I feel so bad VE 09-03

I feel that I've known you for ever VE 25-12

I forgot to remember to forget you VE 12-14


I got a feeling in my body VE 31-06

I got a woman VE 06-13

I got a woman/ Amen VE 11-08

I got lucky VE 20-08

I got stung VE 07-15

I gotta know VE 06-07

I, John VE 30-12

I just can't help believen' VE 12-02

I miss you VE 28-07

I need somebody VE32-07

I need your lovin' tonight VE 01-13

I really don't want to know VE 10-05

I shall not be moved VE 30-14

I slipped, i stumbled, i fell VE 24-07

I want you with me VE 09-04

I want you, I need you, I love you VE 12-04

I was the one VE 04-04

I washed my hands in muddy water VE 15-07

If everyday was like christmas VE 14-15

If i'm a fool for loving you VE 32-04

If i can dream VE 15-12

If i get home on christmas day VE 14-09

If that isn't love VE 19-10

If we never meet again VE 30-07

If you don't come back VE 32-08

If you love me let me know VE 11-11

If you talk in your sleep VE 10-04

I'll be back VE 17-09

I'll be home for christmas VE 31-15

I'll be there VE 27-11

I'll hold you in my heart VE 10-14

I'll never fall in love again VE 11-13

I'll never know VE 28-08

I'll remember you VE 02-11

I'm all shook up VE 11-02

I'm falling in love tonight VE 25-03

I'm gonna walk dem golden stairs VE 19-12

I'm leavin' VE 31-15


I'm left, you're right, she's gone VE 07-13

I'm not the marrying kind VE 32-11

I'm so lonesome i could cry VE 15-14

I'm yours VE 17-07

In my father's house VE 03-05

In the ghetto VE 15-13

Indescribably blue VE 17-01

Inherit the Wind VE 22-07

Is it so strange VE 25-04

Island of love VE 27-07

It ain't no big thing  VE 31-14

It feel so right VE 09-08

It hurts me VE 08-09

It keeps right on hurting VE 06-02

It won't seem like christmas without you VE 14-08

It's a long, lonely highway VE 27-12

It's a matter of time VE 31-11

It's easy for you VE 28-10

It's impossible VE 16-02

It's midnight VE 22-14

It's now or never VE 08-13

It's only love VE 17-05

It's over VE 06-01

It's still here VE 25-09

It's your baby, you rock it VE 23-07

I've got a thing about you baby VE 09-07

I've got confidence VE 19-14

I've lost you(live) VE 18-09


Jailhouse rock VE 04-08

Jailhouse rock(live) VE 13-14

Johnny B Goode(live) VE 18-07

Joshua fit the battle... VE 19-15

Just a little bit VE 24-04

Just call me lonesome VE 27-06

Just pretend VE 13-08

Just tell her Jim said hello VE 13-05


Kentucky rain VE 06-05

King Creole VE 07-02

King of the whole wide world VE 05-09

Kismet VE 24-03


Kiss me quick VE 09-12

Kissin' cousins VE 12-03

Ku-u-i-po VE 16-06


Lawdy miss Clawdy VE 07-10

Lawdy miss Clawdy('68 special) VE 21-13

Lawdy miss Clawdy(70's concert, bäst ös) VE 18-03

Lead me, guide me VE 03-06

Let it be me VE 11-14

Let me be there VE 13-01

Let us pray VE 19-05

Let yourself go VE 05-08

Like a baby VE 09-11

Little Egypt VE 15-05

Little sister VE 01-08

Little sister(live) VE 11-09

Lonely man VE 20-01

Lonesome cowboy VE 12-13

Long black limousine VE 10-11

Long legged girl VE 05-12

Long tall Sally,(långt medley) VE 18-06

Long tall Sally / Whole lotta shakin'(live) VE 16-01

Love coming down VE 26-15

Love letters VE 04-14

Love me VE 04-15

Love me tender (Live snabb) VE 11-07

Love me tonight VE 28-01

Lover doll VE 05-07

Loving you VE 07-01


Make me know it VE 24-11

Make the world go away VE 08-10

Mama liked the roses VE 21-05

Mansion over the hilltop VE 03-09

Marguerita VE29-03

Mary in the morning VE 13-07

Mean woman blues VE 04-10

Memories VE 01-12

Memphis Tennessee VE 09-09

Milkcow blues VE 06-09


Milky white way VE 30-04

Mine VE 26-11

Miracle of the rosary VE 19-04

Money honey VE 10-02

Moody blue VE 23-05

Moonlight swim VE 20-10

My babe VE 24-05

My baby left me VE 13-12

My boy VE 10-10

My happiness VE 26-12

My little friend VE 27-13

My way(live) VE 02-09

My wish came true VE 15-08

Mystery train VE 06-08

Mystery train/Tiger man VE 13-02


Never again VE 28-05

Never been to Spain VE 16-14

Never ending VE 27-14

New Orleans VE 05-13

No more VE 24-08


O come all ye faithful VE 14-10

O little town of Betlehem VE 14-05

Old shep VE 21-06

On a snowy christmas night VE 14-11

One boy two little girls VE 29-13

One broken heart for sale VE 06-10

One night VE 07-14

One night('68 special) VE 18-05

One night of sin VE 17-12

One track heart VE 29-15

Only believe VE 30-05

Only the strong survive VE 01-11


Paradise Hawaiian style VE 24-15

Paralyzed VE 04-06

Party VE 27-04

Patch it up VE 22-08

Peace in the valley VE 07-09


Pieces of my life VE 23-01

Playin' for keeps VE 07-08

Please don't stop loving me VE 05-06

Pledging my love VE 22-01

Pocket ful of rainbow VE 24-01

Polk salad Annie VE 09-15

Poor boy VE 12-09

Power of my love VE 10-12

Precious lord VE 03-11

Proud Mary(live) VE 18-04

Puppet on a string VE 06-04

Put your hand in the hand VE 19-08


Rags to riches VE 23-02

Raised on rock VE 12-15

Reconsider baby VE 09-10

Relax VE 21-11

Release me VE 16-09

Return to sender VE 01-07

Rip it up VE 04-07

Rock-a-hula baby VE 05-04

Roustabout VE 13-04

Rubberneckin' VE 09-01

Run on VE 30-02

Runaway VE 31-08


Santa bring my baby back to me VE 14-02

Santa Claus is back in town VE 14-12

Seeing is believing VE 30-03

Sentimantal me VE 26-03

Separate ways VE 13-15

Shake a hand VE 03-10

Shake rattle and roll VE 12-01

She thinks i still care VE 26-13

She wears my ring VE 32-09

She's not you VE 04-12

Shopping around VE 13-09

Silent night VE 14-17

Silver bells VE 14-03

Singing tree VE 31-12

Sing you children VE 19-13

Slicin' sand VE 20-14


Slowly but surely VE 29-08

Snowbird VE 31-10

So close yet so far VE 25-10

So glad you're mine VE 04-13

So high VE 30-09

Soldier boy VE 21-07

Solitaire VE 22-09

Somebody bigger than you and i VE 03-12

Something VE 02-07

Something blue VE 23-10

Sound advice VE 33-13

Spanish eyes VE 26-01

Spinout VE 15-09

Sprach zarathustra/That's all right(intro) VE 11-01

Stand by me VE 19-09

Starting today VE 26-05

Stay away Joe VE 27-03

Steamroller blues VE 02-02

Stop where you are VE 24-10

Stop, look & listen VE 27-09

Stranger in my own hometown VE 27-15

Stranger in the crowd VE 31-09

Stuck on you VE 01-14

Such a night VE 09-02

Such an easy question VE 17-08

Summer kisses winter tears VE 23-14

Suppose VE 26-06

Surrender VE 01-10

Susan when she tried VE 23-08

Suspicion VE 21-08

Suspicious minds(live) VE 02-05

Sweet Angeline VE 23-04

Sweet Caroline(live) VE 18-14

Swing down sweet chariot VE 19-02

Sylvia VE 25-13


Talk about the good times VE 23-09

Teddy bear/Don't be cruel VE 11-03

Tell me why VE 32-10

Tender feeling VE 28-02

That's all right VE 10-07


That's someone you never forget VE 28-04

That's when your heartaches begin VE 07-07

The first Noel VE 14-13

The fool VE 31-02

The girl i never loved VE 29-04

The impossible dream VE 16-12

The king is gone VE 18-01

The lady loves me(with Ann Margaret) VE 20-13

The last farwell VE 16-15

The next step is love VE 15-10

The promised land VE 03-08

The wonder of you VE 11-12

The wonderful world of christmas VE 14-14

There is no god but god VE 19-11

There's a honky tonk angel VE 22-10

There's always me VE 25-15

They remind me too much of you VE 20-15

Thinking about you VE 26-14

This is our dance VE 25-11

This is the story VE 25-06

Thrill of your love VE 08-11

Today tomorrow and forever VE 32-01

Tomorrow is a long time VE 10-09

Tomorrow never comes VE 31-07

Tonight is so right for love VE 13-10

Too much VE 02-08

Too much monkey business VE 23-06

Treat me nice VE 02-03

T-R-O-U-B-L-E VE 04-09

Troble/Guitar man('68 special) VE 21-15

True love travels on a gravel road VE 21-10

Tryin' to get to you VE 17-15

Tryin' to get to you (live) VE 18-02

Twelfth of never VE 28-14

Twenty days and twenty nights VE 22-02


U.S male VE 09-06

Unchained melody(live) VE 18-08

Until it's time for you to go VE 08-12


Vino dinero y amore VE 29-09

Viva Las Vegas VE 01-02

Walk a mile in my shoes VE 16-10


Way down VE 13-13

We call on him VE 30-13

We can make the morning VE 08-14

Wear my ring around your neck VE 12-05

Wearin' that loved on look VE 10-13

Welcome to my world VE 02-06

What a wonderful life VE 29-06

What now my love VE 02-12

What'd i say VE 05-01

What's she really like VE 20-11

When it rains, it really pours VE 10-15

When my blue moon turns to gold again VE 12-12

Where could i go VE 03-07

Where did they go lord VE 15-06

Where do you come from VE 12 10

Where no one stands alone VE 03-14

White christmas VE 14-01

Who am i VE 03-13

Whole lotta shakin' VE 22-11

Wild in the country VE 26-04

Winter wonderland VE 14-06

Without love there is nothing VE 06-15

Wolf call VE 27-05

Wooden heart VE 12-08

Words (live) VE 18-12

Working on the building VE 30-08


Yesterday VE 16-08

You can't say no in Acapulco VE 21-12

You don't have to say you love me VE 08-02

You don't have to say you love me (live snabb) VE 32-13

You don't know me VE 20-06

You gave me a mountain VE 03-15

You gotta stop VE 24-14

You'll never walk alone VE 03-01

You'll think of me VE 26-07

Young and beautiful VE 05-02

Your love's been a long time coming VE 25-05

Your time hasn't come yet VE 24-13

You're the boss(With Ann Margeret) VE 21-09

You've lost that lovin' feeling VE 16-11